have a fun night,
wake up all right.
Hydration & Recovery*

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say goodbye to that nasty feeling after a night out

Tomo Hydration & Recovery*

Tomo is engineered to restore balance and function to your body after a crazy night out with ingredients that help attack the underlying causes of discomfort.

Supports liver function.*


Mix Tomo into a glass of water
and consume before your night out
or right after.


Bring Tomo with you anywhere and share a pouch or two with a friend.


Enjoy your night out, your sleep, and your next day. Cheers!

our story

Two Yale students, Margaret Morse and Liam Mcclintock, came together in 2016 to create Tomo (formerly Mentis) to solve a prevalent, pressing, and underappreciated issue seen all around them: that crippling feeling after a crazy night out.

Margaret, a Molecular, Cellular & Developmental Biology major, and Liam, a D1 athlete and expert in nutritional supplements, combined their passions and knowledge to bring Tomo to life.

Dr. Joris Verster


Joris is an associate professor at the Division of Pharmacology at Utrecht University in the Netherlands. He has conducted extensive research into the effects of drinking and drug use as risk factors in health and disease, including the causes and consequences of discomfort after a night out. Verster is the founder of the Hangover Research Group and is the (co)-author of over 200 scientific articles and book chapters. Dr. Verster advised Tomo during product formulation.

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