enjoy your drinks without the hangover.

Drinks with friends can be fun. Headachey guilt in the morning is not. Tomo's Hangover Shield was formulated at Yale to give your body extra firepower to deal with alcohol's side effects. Enjoy your next day...whether that's going on a hike or sitting on the couch. It's your life, do what you want.

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Headaches = gone, but not forgotten.

Marc | Denver, CO

This stuff works! I no longer wake up feeling like death in the morning.

Violet | Austin, TX
be present.

Alcohol is a social thing. So enjoy the moments with friends and family without the stomach issues, headaches, or guilt in the morning. Guaranteed.

Formulated by Yale Scientists

After 5 years of testing, we've created a science-backed formula to give your body the protection it needs from alcohol.

O, and we almost forgot: Tomo has no added sugar, is gluten/soy free and is made in the USA at a FDA registered facility with a coveted cGMP approval to ensure the highest quality ingredients and processing methods. We got you.

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