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Toxic byproducts of alcohol wreak havoc on your body when you drink more alcohol than your liver can break down. These toxins are responsible for that nasty feeling you dread the morning after. Tomo helps break down these pesky toxins and replenish certain nutrients, so you can conquer the next day. Cheers to that!

No, it will not. The “pharmacological buzz” is a separate process from the toxic byproducts of alcohol.

Contrary to common belief, dehydration is a symptom and not a cause of this nasty feeling. These two phenomena are concurrent because of the diuretic effects of alcohol, but dehydration does not cause the actual feeling. Public misconceptions surrounding this experience are not surprising since there are limited studies on this feeling.

Mix Tomo into a full glass of fresh water and consume while drinking or up to 1 hour after drinking.

It is unnecessary to take more than one pouch of Tomo. One pouch contains the optimal quantities of each nutrient to prevent that nasty feeling after drinking. if you take an extra pouch, you will likely excrete the excess nutrients.

While it is important to replenish the body with water and electrolytes, Tomo attacks the three underlying causes of that nasty feeling after drinking, backed by science: acetaldehyde buildup, inflammatory post drinking immune response, and oxidative stress. Regardless, you can still take Tomo with electrolyte drinks and water.

Yes. Tomo is made in a cGMP certified and FDA registered facility in Los Angeles, CA with globally sourced ingredients.

Since dietary supplements are not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration, Tomo is not FDA approved. However it is made in a FDA registered facility.


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