Maggie, Founder
Alex, CEO

Maggie Morse founded Tomo in 2017 while studying Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology at Yale University.

She noticed that many students around her accepted that they would have an unproductive morning after a night out & wondered why in the hell there was no solution. Equally passionate about health and science, she was determined to solve the issue.

With the help of Yale professors and accomplished advisors with extensive knowledge in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and dietary supplement industries, she spent months in Yale’s lab and found the solution way back in 2017.

Tomo was one of the first alcohol recovery supplements on the market and it immediately received extensive press coverage and fanfare after proving it worked.

With limited marketing, Tomo sold over $45,000 of our product in its first week on the market.

Since the early success, we have expanded our footprint across the globe and our team has grown with the addition of Alex Starr, our CEO, and Dr. Joris Verster, our Chief Scientist.

our values

good relationships define our happiness
life is short & we can't waste days feeling hungover
getting things done feels good

Our 60-Day "BBQ" Guarantee 🥩

If you are disappointed with Tomo for any reason, email us at within 60 days & we’ll refund give you DOUBLE your money back. We hope you'll use that to buy yourself some delicious BBQ but hey, we are based in Austin so we might be a bit bias.🤠