our story

My name is Margaret Morse and I studied Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology at Yale University. I teamed up with Liam Mcclintock, a D1 athlete with experience and expertise in nutritional supplements, to bring Tomo to life.

While Liam and I were seniors in college, we noticed that many students around us accepted that they would have an unproductive morning after a night out. We wondered why there was no solution. Equally passionate about health and science, we were determined to solve the issue of the crippling feeling after drinking.

With the help of Yale professors and accomplished advisors with extensive knowledge in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and dietary supplement industries, we spent months in Yale’s lab and found our solution in 2017. Our first post-alcohol recovery product was born and it immediately received extensive press coverage and fanfare after proving its efficacy. With limited marketing, we sold over $45,000 of our product in its first week on the market.

Since our early success, we have expanded our footprint across the globe and our team has grown with the addition of Sam Yang, our CEO, and Dr. Joris Verster, our Chief Scientist.

Sam is an experienced entrepreneur with a passion for health and fitness. He fell in love with our product when he was working hard to pursue an MBA at Stanford University while taking advantage of the lively social scene. Sam joined the team determined to share our product with a broader audience.

We have listened to feedback from our community of loyal customers over the last 5 years and are excited to introduce Tomo, our new product with improved taste, branding, and efficacy.

our values

feel happier
be healthier
live more productively

Tomo works

This is why we offer a guarantee on your first box! If you are disappointed with your first Tomo experience for any reason, please email us at hello@tomolabs.co with your name and we’ll refund you for your first box.