Hangover Kit Ideas For Your Friend’s Special Event

Hangover kit.

The holidays are approaching fast and you still haven't found a great gift idea. Time to make your own hangover kit! What is a hangover kit? It’s like a recovery kit for those who are party go-ers and feel terrible during their hangover. A hangover kit would make a great gift idea for anyone who is about to quest on a night of drinking. This would give them insurance in case they get a little too happy drinking, or their drinking partner does. You could also expand this idea to create kits based on occasions like a bachelorette party kit or a wedding hangover kit. Here is a guide to give you some hangover kit ideas for your friend’s special event.

Part 1: Brainstorming

A little planning can go a long way. 

  • Understand your giftee.

  • This might be for that one childhood friend, so you probably know how they operate. Or if not, take a guess! Look into their personality, as that will dictate how they react best to a hangover. If they’re fast-paced and racey, they might need something alarming in the morning to get them on track. Or maybe they’re the chill type who just needs something to make them feel cozied-up.

  • Figure out if you want a cute bag or a nice box from the craft store.

  • If they’re the adventurous type and you know there is a high chance they might not be coming back home, you can opt for some kit bags to create a hangover kit bag. If that’s not the case, you can never go wrong with a nice wooden box from the craft store. 

  • Consider a theme.

  • The holidays are fast approaching. So if it’s for a holiday occasion, give it a snowy or “I just had the time of my life, Hangover Part 4” type of vibe. Or if your friend is getting married, you can do them a wedding favor and make some wedding-themed kit bags.

  • Make it fun and shareable.

  • Remember to have fun and make it feel like it’s for them! Although you are looking at someone in their best interest, you can still take a little crack at them to give them a big smile.

    Part 2: What to put inside

    These are some must-have ideas for what to include inside the package.

  • Add a hangover supplement to provide extra “oomph” like Tomo, the Post-Alcohol Recovery Supplement. 

  • Tomo is engineered to restore balance and function to your body after drinking with ingredients that help attack the underlying causes of discomfort. By providing you with the optimal mix of essential nutrients, you are sure to feel like a superhero the next day. The supplement is also made in an FDA facility and contains natural ingredients in a gluten and soy-free addition. 

  • Hydrate with water and electrolytes. These are your best friends.

  • Add a little cute water bottle, maybe you can package some tasty homemade iced tea for them, or add some Gatorade. Hydration is key and by adding electrolytes, you can help them rebalance the fluids in their body. 

  • Add some protein or potassium to help replenish tired muscles.

  • You can include a protein bar or even just a banana. These are protein and potassium rich which will help recover those dehydrated muscles from drinking.

  • Think small but useful. 

  • Creativity is never dull, this is an idea that will make them feel like you really thought of them. Some face wipes, a toothbrush, or even some gum can go a long way. Or since COVID-19 is still pesky and winter is fast approaching, some hand sanitizer and lip balm are surefire additions to one’s self-care arsenal. 

  • Add an ironic sticky note.

  • This is your chance to have fun with this one when they’re super groggy. You can make a little sticky note that reminds the person of who they are but with some funny twists. You can also include emergency contact details (just in case things go south).

  • Courtesy of a female, some essential items.

  • To really show that you're her bestie, include some specific self-care items like a hair tie, a hairbrush, or even some moisturizing cream. This way, they can wake up and freshen themselves up for the start of a new day.

  • Courtesy of a male, some essential items.

  • Take care of your guy, give him a pocket pack of tissues when they wake up feeling sickly, a travel-size bottle of cologne, and feel free to add some band aids as well.

    Part 3: Final touches

  • Add labels.

  • If you know that your friend won’t be able to process things well when they’re so out of it, it might be a good idea to label things so they know exactly what they’re looking at.

  • Add stickers and any memes that fit the moment.

  • Decorate, decorate, decorate! Add funny hangover or meme-related stickers to the package to give it a fun feeling and make them feel like they just lived in a movie scene.

  • Send with directions for use and suggestions.

  • If you’re an organized and tidy person, feel free to include directions for use and/or suggestions. It’ll be like a quick guide for the person that’ll ease up their decision process of “how do I get rid of this awful headache?”.

  • Send the gift first class.

  • Last but not least, give the package! Then, go out and get drunk too.

    Hangover kits are always appreciated, almost as much as flowers. A creative gift can have an immense effect on how your hangover is experienced, especially if you design it to be a  fun and practical gift that shows you care about someone. Not to mention, it’s fun to make your own DIY hangover kit when you have some free time off. By giving them exactly what they need when they're smashed from a hangover, you can create the perfect morning for them.


    Check out Tomo, The Post-Alcohol Recovery Supplement here: https://www.tomolabs.co


    By Alex Tutu.